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Honor life

All beings - humans as well as animals - are born as pure love, light and potential.

This is what Buddhism calls "original goodness".

The video below was the beautiful message for the beginning of the year 2020 from Peter Crone: "Be completely yourself. Honor yourself, honor life in yourself and all around you."

It is still - and forever - of actuality.

Expanding the message to all sentient beings, this is what I am striving to do in my work with bovines and my yaks: to give them the space that they can express their uniqueness and the full potential of their being. In case of domestic animals - even more so in the case of productive livestock – they have to fit in so much, we humans force them into a system and rarely give them the possibilities to be fully themselves. The more I work with them I feel deeply humbled by the depth and beauty of their being and all they have to share.

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